-News \ Label Sites -

Review site that i write for and also who thankfully hosts this archive, reviews anything from games to drinks..

Nitro Game Injection
Video Game Music Radio Show which i co-host badly every sunday

Chiptune news site

SPC rip central.

Project 2612
Sega Genesis rip central. This site hosts the new VGM sound format, which is superior to GYM format in terms of quality and size.

A forum for NES development. The place to go for learning about nsf ripping.

-Music / friends-


In my opinion, the best Nintendo cover band. Minibosses hail from Arizona and cover a wide range of NES games in metal glory.

Luiza Carvalho
My fiance's music outlet, she covers game music, and plays guitar, bass, mandolin, does vocals, sequencing and recording/mixing/mastering with amazing skill and production.

Another amazing video game cover musician, and good friend. Some of the most moodful and rich live arrangements you'll find.

Ashane's brother, equally amazing and good friend.

Eirik "Din / Phlogiston"
Chiptune artist, both covers and makes originals in chiptune, my personal favorite in the chiptune community, recommended if you want NES like arrangements.

Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown has the best true to original piano arrangements of NES tunes out there. Also has Final Phantom, a project where he arranges Final Fantasy music on piano to the silent movie Phantom Of The Opera

MintJam is the best doujin band IMO, but their greatest works are the originals, it's some of the most well produced rock music i have ever heard